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Sweatshirt with round neck and long sleeves is made with cotton and plush inside. In the central part of the chest is embroidered (one hundred percent handmade), a revered and respected "Deer" with Huichol embroidery technique. Achieving a wonderful play of colors and shapes. 

Deer that means Axuni in the Purépecha language of the State of Michoacán, Mexico. Among the Wixarikas, the deer is one of the most sacred figures. This animal, inhabitant of the territory occupied by this group of the Sierra Madre Occidental of Mexico, holds a complex and rich role in the Wixarika mythology.


Embroidered by: Esther Melitón.


Ideal for any season of the year. You can wear it on different occasions.


Sweatshirt Composition: 100% Cotton.

Embroidery Threads Composition: 100% Cotton.


Sizes and Measurements (Inches).

Small: Shoulder Width: 19.68" Length 26".

Medium: Shoulder Width: 22" Length 27.50".  

Large: Shoulder Width: 23.60" Shoulder Width: 23.60" Length 26.77’’.

Extra Large: Shoulder Width: 26" Length 27.55".  



Wash Instructions: Machine or hand wash in cold water, do not bleach, and do not hang in the sun. Iron on the reverse side of the garment. Reinforced embroidery to always give you the best quality.