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Adora London is an international fashion accessories, design company and marketplace producing pioneering products and artwork for the industry. Acting as a springboard for artisans and creators, partnering with slow fashion companies and independent designers to reach countless patrons in their field.

Adora London means you can enjoy both fashion and art at the same time. A monumental challenge is positioning towards the slow fashion market, and giving our contribution to all, by preserving and maintaining our planet. All of our extraordinary designs and featured products come exclusively from slow fashion production. The conceptual presence of slow fashion is the future.



Our community is a socially interactive one elevating the richness of world culture through offering inspired pieces and welcoming the beauty of art from designers, creators and aficionados, we bring their creation to life.


Supporting other brands, artists and designers is important to spread awareness about slow, which is why we gladly and openly welcome all to collaborate and show your work, please reach out to us and become a part of the bigger and wider picture.



Taking inspiration from around the world, Nazli, the founder and creative director of Adora London, discovered the simplistic beauty in minimalism. For many years she analysed paintings from the greats such as: Piet Mondrian, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and always felt that amongst the chaos of their work, there was always a simple message… That message was freedom. Freedom to be, freedom to love and freedom to express.

Expression has often been the enemy of society and now looking to the future it seems that expression just might save us. There is no other place like Adora London. If you are looking for contemporary, fashion and art pieces, then look no further. We are here to provide you with the best slow fashion designs and styles. Adora is the platform that gives a voice to the voiceless, as well as artists and brands. Wearing Adora London means wearing art. Enjoy this new experience and explore the possibilities of the fashion and art that only come together at Adora London.

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We're here to make it easy for people to do the world some good.


Adora’s ethos is based on offering the quirky independent shopper, the freedom to choose from a wide range of fashion forward; trend focused; carefully selected timeless art pieces. When you shop Adora, you shop for style, your focus is not to look good but to be noticed. Our accessories are sourced from around the world and we release collections twice a year.



Our Online showcase brings you the very best of our sellers work as well as some original Adora Pieces, We support alternative designers and artisans who design or create innovative and illustrious fashion products. We help them showcase and sell their work on an international scale by reaching even larger audiences who would not be able to discover their work otherwise.

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Adora London - where fashion meets the art!