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All Creative Designers and Artisans 

Adora London is relentlessly seeking talented artists and creative designers that specialise in slow fashion products and art that allow us to accomplish our mission by bringing individuality and freedom to the market whilst preserving the world as we know it. Lets connect you to your audience!

You are welcome to apply and it only takes a few minutes and gives us all the information we need to get things in motion. All Artists that sell via are screened before they are allowed to sell, this means that they are carefully selected, so only the highest quality products are sold via our platform, and that the brand style is strictly one of a kind and original. 

Before starting 

There are a few things you will need before you begin your journey with us;

  • Your product, this must be original pieces that fall into the slow fashion category and must be designed independently.
  • A Valid Email address.
  • At least two high quality pictures of your product.
  • And by completing your application you are ready to sell your product.  

How it works 

We created this online platform for designers and Fashionistas to express and sell their product to consumers that feel a connection with their brand and provide the end user with a sense of freedom.

The next step is simple, just create an account and submit your application to us. We will make a decision on your application within a reasonable amount of time and you will be notified by email if your product has been selected along with a full explanation of how to manage your Adora London account and the terms of use and privacy policy. You may then start selling once you have agreed to the terms of use.  

Now to Sell 

There is no fee for the application or to post any of your products on our platform, there is a sales commission attached to the products of 20% this will be directly applicable to each product at the point of sale, Ready to sell via our platform? Click here to start your application! 

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