Real leather handcrafted bags – how to spot the original?

The most beautiful and quality bags come from real leather. Today the market is flooded with so many faux leather version, that one might find it hard to see the difference. Wearing a bag from real leather is part of a symbol status and personality of an individual, so wearing a fake one might ruin that image and impression.


In leather manufacturing, there are different types of real leather that are used in the production of leather goods. The best grade is Full Grain Leather, then comes the Top Grain leather, the Corrected Grain Leather and the last is the Split Leather. For the high-quality leather bags, the first three types of leather are the most common and used.


If you are looking to buy a real leather bag, these are some things that you need to know that will help you make the right choice:


Rough edges


The bags coming from real leather will always have rough coarse edges while the bags made of faux leather will have almost perfect edges, something plastic or synthetic.


Imperfect surface


The inconsistent pattern of the leather suggests that you are feeling the real leather. If the top surface feels like pebbles or grainy and have minor imperfections, then you are dealing with the real stuff. The fake leather has evenly spread pores that cannot be seen with the real leather. Since it is made from natural animal skin, the leather has unique and uneven pores just as the human skin.


Elasticity and wrinkles


The original leather is elastic and can change its color while stretching. Also, wrinkly patterns can appear and disappear when you release them. That is not the case with the fake leather. It stays unaffected and preserves its shape and stiffness.


Water soak


The real leather always absorbs the water in just a matter of seconds, which is not the case for the fake leather.


Leathery smell


What is a great difference between real and fake leather is the smell. The real leather provides a "leathery" smell, while the fake one smells like plastic or synthetic.


These are just some of the steps that are important when trying to recognize the real leather handcrafted bag from the fake ones. Overall, the look between these two types is different. The original leather bag presents a much sturdier look, it is better structured and stands up straight.