Let’s find a quality watch together

How to identify a quality watch

A watch is something personal. Everyone has their taste in design and style. Therefore, we do not want to say what a good or bad watch is, but the signs of a quality watch are generally. And how these signs are easily identifiable. Most people cannot spot a quality watch; they prefer to wear a beautiful watch. However, a low-quality watch can never be appealing. I’m going to introduce the essential characteristics of a good watch, the best luxury watch brands, and explaining the watches appearance. Therefore, you will be able to answer this question: how to identify a quality watch?


Important Characteristics of a Good Watch

Material of a watch is essential. A quality watch is made of Stainless Steel, at least. Moreover, a PVD coating is critical to ensure that a gold, rose gold, silver, or black watch reserves its color. Also, the weight of the watch may be a sign of quality.Furthermore, the better watch brands use 316L stainless steel, which has a higher purity level. A traitwatch always has sapphire glass. Sapphire glass maintains an explicit and scratch-free after frequent (violently) use. A good, affordable watch has a quartz movement or a certified mechanical movement ( COSC ). 10 ATM water resistance is associated with a quality watch.


The Best Luxury Watch Brands

Luxury watches are destined never to go out of fashion. Even though we now have clocks on our phones, nothing beats the exceptional elegance of a beautifully crafted timepiece. Suddenly, checking the time becomes a rather exciting endeavor. An excellent place to start is with this list of the ten best luxury watch brands today. This list was created based on detailed research into which luxury brands enjoy a global reputation for delivering high-quality products.


1. Rolex
2. Patek Philippe
3. Audemars Piguet
4. A.Lange & Söhne
5. Omega
6. Blancpain
7. IWC Schaffhausen
8. Jaeger-LeCoultre
9. Chopard
10. Piaget


Basic Watch Features Explained

Backlight: A light manually activated by the user illuminates the watch dial. Popular implementations include Timex’s Indiglo and Casio’s ‘illuminator’ backlights.

Acrylic glass/crystal: A type of plastic sometimes used as the glass covering for watch dials. This is minorscratch resistant than mineral glass or sapphire, though it is more malleable and cheaper to produce. Often found in low-end watches.

Automatic movement: A type of mechanical wristwatch that utilizes physical activity from the user,typically via a weighted rotor, positioned at the bottom of the mechanism. This rotor's motion winds the mainspring ‘automatically’ without the user having to wind the watch using the crown manually. This energy helps the watch to keep accurate time. These movements will require servicing every few years to maintain the watch.

Analog display: A watch dial that displays the time using hands.

Bracelet: A watch strap/band constructed of metal.



As promised, now you can respond to the question that has been asked earlier in the introduction section! A high-quality watch is more than being just good-looking. It is about lasting long and being classy. What luxury watch brand is your favorite?