Leather history in fashion

Leather History in Fashion

          Before getting into the history of leather in fashion; It is essential to know where our favorite rockabilly outerwear came to be born. Leather is animal skin that has been prepared in many different ways to conserve and modify for use in clothing, accessories, and other functions. It has been recorded that the earliest date of humans using leather is going back to 5500 years ago, Armenia. And this real old leather survived piece was footwear named Areni-1 shoe. Leather was one of the earliest discoveries of ancient humans. They used leather to protect themselves against weather and materials.


Popularity of Leather

The drastic-stylish fashion item pursues its influence back to military wear. In the early 1900s, during the First World War, the German fighter pilots began wearing the brown leather jacket that later became known as the bomber jacket in World War II. Since then, leather keeps tracking back into fashion trends. And nowadays, so many designers use real leather to produce luxurious commodities such as women's bags, clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, book bindings, etc.

Women Introduce the Leather Game in the 1970s and 1980s

As rock and roll bloomed in the following years, so did the favorite outfit of our all the time favorite rockers. A style that was once command by men became a bat with the ladies as well—making the trend equally sought after with all genders was significantly assisted by some of the most talented and famous ladies in rock and roll. Female musicians like Blondie and Joan Jett were among the first women to rock the constructive yet stylish trend, making it acceptable for women worldwide to jump on the bandwagon. These iconic women went a step further and adorned their go-to rock and roll outfit with buttons, studs, and pins, making an already tasteful style even elegant. It was around the 1970s and 1980s.

Handcrafted Leather Goods

As technology found its way into leather production industry, it's vital to value local businesses that keep the art of making handmade accessories, clothing and shoes by real leather alive. Handcrafted leather goodies are typically minimally designed and are driven by passion and cultural spices. Which is not found in industrial leather products. as was already stated in this blog the original leather piece was handmade. It is thought to be more elegant and unique to develop the leather history in today's man's modern hands.


          Throughout the whole of history, leather has and likely always will remain a staple of human life. Just as we evolved and alternated over the ages, so too did the art of fashioning leather. The leather has had a lively adventure – making its way from the claret and gore of the battleground to the flashiness and glamour of the runway.  Whether formed by hand or put together in a firm, leather still hovers one of humanity's greatest inventions. Many dapper dressers have made the leather their signature look throughout history. At the same time, some others avoided it because it became too mainstream. However, one thing is for sure – whether you think of the leather as a striking look or are all about it, this timeless classic trend is not going anywhere for the foreseeable future.