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Leather history in fashion

Leather History in Fashion           Before getting into the history of leather in fashion; It is essential to know where our favorite rockabilly outerwear came to be born. Leather is animal skin that has been prepared in many different ways to conserve and modify for use in clothing, accessories, and other functions. It has been recorded that the earliest date of humans using leather is going back to 5500 years ago, Armenia. And this real old leather survived piece was footwear named Areni-1 shoe. Leather was one of the earliest discoveries of ancient humans. They used leather to protect themselves against weather and materials.   Popularity of Leather The drastic-stylish fashion item pursues its influence back...

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Let’s find a quality watch together

How to identify a quality watch A watch is something personal. Everyone has their taste in design and style. Therefore, we do not want to say what a good or bad watch is, but the signs of a quality watch are generally. And how these signs are easily identifiable. Most people cannot spot a quality watch; they prefer to wear a beautiful watch. However, a low-quality watch can never be appealing. I’m going to introduce the essential characteristics of a good watch, the best luxury watch brands, and explaining the watches appearance. Therefore, you will be able to answer this question: how to identify a quality watch?   Important Characteristics of a Good Watch Material of a watch is essential....

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Real leather handcrafted bags – how to spot the original?

The most beautiful and quality bags come from real leather. Today the market is flooded with so many faux leather version, that one might find it hard to see the difference. Wearing a bag from real leather is part of a symbol status and personality of an individual, so wearing a fake one might ruin that image and impression.   In leather manufacturing, there are different types of real leather that are used in the production of leather goods. The best grade is Full Grain Leather, then comes the Top Grain leather, the Corrected Grain Leather and the last is the Split Leather. For the high-quality leather bags, the first three types of leather are the most common and used....

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